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Terms and Condition

A. Definitions

This contract is made between Limo hire world, referred to below as ‘the Company’ and ‘the Client’ being the person Booking the hire.

B. Booking

A Booking Confirmation must be received by the Company at least seven days prior to the date of hire. A confirmation of booking will not be confirmed until a deposit or debit card details has been paid or received. The deposit is not refundable if the contract is cancelled by the Client

C. Payment

The balance of the quoted price must be paid seven days prior to the hire date, Or on the day if so arranged. Wedding payments must be received two weeks prior to the hire date. Only by prior approval can payment be made to the driver at the time and place of the first pick-up.

Any additional charges, incurred during the hire, must be paid to the driver at his discretion, but no later than the completion of the hire.
All payments to the driver must be in cash.
Any Charges for Car Parking or Tolls are not included in the quoted price. Car Parking charges apply to continuous hires

D. Grace Period

A 30 minute grace period shall be established for a late arrival of your limousine due to weather, accident, traffic or other misfortune. Your time will be made up.

E. Damages to Limousine and General Conduct

The Client who books the Limousine will be responsible for all damages to the Limousine caused, any of their party. There is a £100 minimum charge excess cleaning fee this covers drinks spillages, vomit or any other staining or soiling of the car. All costs to repair any damages will be charged.

Broken Glasses are charged at £5 per glass.

Any theft from the Limousine’s will be reported to the Police, and the company will prosecute all offenders.

It is law for seat belts to be worn by all passengers. All Limousines provided are fitted with seatbelts. It is your responsibility to wear them.

Any passengers who shout abuse and/or lean out of the window will be deemed to be acting inappropriately and may be asked to leave the vehicle.

Any disorderly conduct by the client or their party will terminate this contract with no refund.

Any passengers causing trouble with members of the public which results in damage to the vehicle will be charged and the police may be called.

The client and their party must at all times comply with the road traffic regulations.

Any abuse, verbal or otherwise, given to the driver will result in immediate termination of the hire with no refund.

F. Smoking/Alcohol/Eating/Drugs

The consumption of alcohol is permitted, however, it will be the clients responsibility to ensure they and their guests, through their actions or behaviour, do not damage the vehicle, nor bring the Company into disrepute. The Company does not allow canned drinks or Red Wine in the vehicles.

For hygienic and cleanliness reasons the Company operates a strict no smoking and no eating zone inside its vehicles.

The Company does not condone the use of drugs and any passengers seen participating in drug use will cause immediate termination of the hire, regardless of the location, with no refund.

G. Waiting Time/Overtime

Any waiting time after the first 10 minutes will be charged at £10 per 10 minutes or part and must be paid to the driver at the time.

If the car is unable to wait the hire will have been considered extended without prior agreement and therefore terminated by the hirer with no refund. If you need to change the times please call the office.

H. Cancellation

The hire fee is payable in full if the contract is cancelled by the Client within three days of the date of the hire

Violation by the Client, or his party, of terms C,E or F will result in the contract being terminated, with no refund

In the event of the contract being cancelled by the Company, for reasons other than those mentioned above, a full refund of all payments made, up to the time of cancellation, will be given. This is the limit of liability of the Company.

I. Articles Left in Limousines

The Company is not liable for any articles left in the limousine during or after the hire. Any found property will be stored for fourteen days and then destroyed.

J. Liability

In the event of mechanical breakdown, the Company will endeavor to minimize disruption to the Client. This is the limit of liability to the Company. The company does not accept any liability for any consequential losses.

The Company cannot be held liable, for any delays and sub sequential losses due to road traffic issues, and or for any suggestion that we have not fulfilled our obligation/contract if the limo completed the transfer of passengers in a timely manner.


All additional pick up/drop off points not agreed at the time of booking will be charged at £10 each.
Any change of destination or return address may incur an additional mileage/time charge.
Any extension to agreed, times will be charged at £10 per 10 minutes.